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Those Eyes develops award-winning video games, art, film and animation in all kinds of formats. The company was established in 1999 and operates with sincerity, play and humor - always with the aim to entertain and break new grounds for storytelling. We do game jams all the time  -  It doesn’t even have to be a game that comes out of it :) We also talk and write about games internationally and locally, like in this magazine TAKE: GAME SURPRISE PARTY


Trine Laier - With a background as an artist & animator in love with games - Trine accidentally ended up studying Java programming at ITU. But luckily she was saved by the Filmschool, where she learned to direct her crazy ideas into... something more crazy. Trine hosts the best Christmas parties.

Jannik Faarvang Petersen - As our resident Renaissance Man, Jannik does just about everything. Artist, designer, programmer and Unity Guru, are all words that could be used to describe him and wonderfully sweet and clever too. Once mentioned breastfeeding seagulls. We haven't forgotten.


Naja Cecilie Marckwardt - Naja started working with us while doing her masters at ITU some years ago. As our latest addition to the team, Naja doubles as Lead Programmer and Master Chef. Never before has our lunch table seen such a selection of home pickled foods!

Michael Bech Hussein - Animator (probably the best in the world) and concept artist on films such as The Giant Pear, Ztripes, Maerco Macaco. Leave him alone in a corner, and you will find your desk full of interesting drawings come lunch time. Is responsible for about half of all Wacom driver downloads.


Thit Refn - Graphical designer. Thit designed our lovely Those Eyes logo and she is working on the style of our upcoming projects featuring more dinosaurs - we really have to take care not to mess up with her design - because she has the ability of shape shifting into an angry Peteinosaurus! 

Amalie Piil Tarding  - Amalie is our tech bard, always up for trying something new. Besides programming she does game design, art, animation and what else needs doing and occasionally entertains us by playing the ocarina. She is an avid gamer and cosplayer, always quick with a gaming reference (often related to WoW).


Christoffer Lumholt Stahlschmidt - Storyboarder/Illustrator/Designer. Christoffer joined us during development of Mouse's Toolbox. He's done the storyboarding, sound editing and some voice-over for our Mouse & CRANE movie production. He loves country music and the Roman Empire and you can always ask him for some chess advice. 

Benjamin Henner Webb -  Benjamin is our cool modeller, rigger and animator, with a passion for 3D-modelling, game design and everything Nintendo. He loves dancing ring-fit, enjoying a cup of English breakfast tea and spring onions has a special place in his heart.




Keith Turkowski


Keith is an independent game developer working with Those Eyes where he does game design and programming.

Keith is the most unoriginal member of our team.



Sally is our most important collaborator Together with her little brother she travels a long way to test Mouse & Crane and if she’s happy with the gameplay - we are all happy.

Bjørn Svin


Bjørn is a composer and performer of rhythmical electronic music. He has worked on several projects with Those Eyes, and takes the best selfies.


Jeanette Nørgaard


Jeanette has put her excellent touch on our little sweet mutants. Go check her beautiful designs for film and music videos on her Instagram!


Mette Ussing


Mette is the "Factory" worker, who moonlights as Graphic Designer. She helps direct our press photo's and recently she has been making sure that all our visuals are up to snuff!


Mikaël Bourget


Mikaël is our beloved French co-producer based in Warsaw. He also published Cosmic Top Secret for consoles on his 'art house games' label Nakana - go check out his

other games!


Mie Grove

Mie is our financial consultant. 1 Kombucha, 2 laptops and 10 yellow nails later our near future as independent game developers feels safe.

Catherine Beyer

Catherine is our 1/3 Swiss, Danish, Austrian 2D-3D animator and visual artist. She works tirelessly on animations throughout the night, leaving gifts in our inbox for the


Anne Gry Friis Kristensen

Anne Gry is a fantastic sound designer, involved in many Those Eyes productions. She has terrible posture, so now we have elevation tables. Thanks Anne Gry!

Lise Saxtrup


Lise was there on the long journey of Cosmic Top Secret from Filmschool project to finished game. She is the coolest Producer in town, and her main form of communication is 


Joachim Andreas Lorck-Schierning


Joachim delivers delicious sound & clever thinking ad libitum -

Owner of Endless Unlimited


 Andreas A. Hansen


Andreas is our clever and calm accountant from Lægård Revision. 


Łukasz Kozak

Łukasz is the author of the book With Stake and Spade and part of the development of our game Real Vampires. He is a medievalist, technology and media expert. He has worked with the National Library of Poland, the University of Warsaw and other cultural and research institutes on the fields of innovation and new media. 


Julia Mirny

Julia created all the illustrations published in the book With Stake and Spade. She has also made artwork for our game Real Vampires.

Julia is a multiple award winner of Polish design and illustration contests and her works have been exhibited in Poland, France, Japan and New York.



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